Whitney Pocket

This area is on the eastern side of Lake Mead, across the lake from the Valley of Fire. To get there, one has to drive seventy miles North, nearly to Mesquite. Then you have to drive south across a forbidding desert for forty-five more miles. That route takes you around Lake Mead to the eastern side.

It was worth it.

The first attractions were about 25 miles down the bumpy road, in an area known as Whitney Pockets. The images show that huge outcrops of white and orange sandstone stand out from the surrounding mountains.

Another twenty miles down the deteriorating road brings us to a huge sinkhole known as Devil’s Throat.

Finally, deep in the desert is a spot known as Little Finland. Here, atop a mesa, a cluster of eroded red sandstone, which resembles gargoyles, bakes in the Sun.

Aerial Photography Using Drones Spring of 2015

Ash Springs Main Map
1 Morning Light On White Pocket 1 Morning Light On White Pocket

3 Afternoon At White Pocket

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