Carl Roesslers Book, Great Reefs

Carl Roessler's Book

Great Reefs

Great Reefs

(Pisces Books, Gulf Publishing, Houston)
128 Pages, 179 color photos
10 x 8" Format

This beautiful book embodies a perfect blend of the photographer's art and the scuba diver's quest for underwater adventure. Renowned photographer and writer Carl Roessler escorts you on a round-the-world trip with poetic and magical images of legendary travel destination: Thailand, the Maldives, the Red Sea, Vanuatu, the Coral Sea, Baja California, the Galapagos, the Bahamas, and more. Page after page, these incredible photographs, accompanied by descriptive text, bring the beauty of a different world into focus Great Reefs of the World is a spellbinding panoply of tropical undersea habitat, presented by a master of the art of underwater photography.

Paperback Edition $19.95


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