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Drones are not allowed in national parks or national monuments.
We have added them in their own state-by-state galleries at the
HDR Photography Gallery

These videos are summaries of my drone adventures during the years 2015 - 2019. I traveled with the drones in twelve states, and display some of the standout sites in these YouTube videos. During the Dawn of Drones for public use, I gradually moved up to better, stronger drones, and hope you enjoy the results!!!

As soon as Carl saw drones becoming available to the public in February of 2014, he realized they could be an important new way to explore and present large scenic imagery, including many parks he had already visited with his cameras.

In those early days, the drones were small, rudimentary and suited only for backyard flyers and do-it-yourself geeks. They were also very light and subject to being carried away by wind.

With the advent of the Phantom 2 Vision+ in February of 2014, the drones became a bit stronger and heavier, and the future beckoned. Carl obtained his Phantom in July 2014 after a few weeks of flying smaller quadricopters to learn flight skills.

Learning to use an aerial platform for photography is a process, not an event—much as underwater photography is. There is a learning curve of some steepness to ascend. You pay for your mistakes. Dearly. In my earlier career it was flooded cameras, now it is the occasional drone crash.

After the intervening years of rapidly-improving technology, he now uses the DJI Inspire Pro, at nine pounds a much heavier and more stable drone. Over those years he has built a large library of aerial videos, which now cover twelve states. The aerial material will complement his libraries.

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