Horrible Disaster June 14, 2022!!!

It was heartbreaking after visiting Yellowstone only last Summer to see this catastrophe unfold!

Greater Yellowstone Region ~ Summer 2021

Yellowstone National Park June 2021
As part of a two-week trip to Wyoming, I was pleased to have wonderful weather for two days in Yellowstone National Park.
Entering from the Eastern entrance (from Buffalo Bill’s Cody, Wyoming), I drove along the northern shore of Yellowstone Lake to the Fishing Bridge, turned right on the Grand Loop northward to the Upper and Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River (‘Artist’s Point and ‘Inspiration Point’ on the map).

Along the way, one can photograph Yellowstone Lake (30 miles across) from a mountain overlook, pass a number of steam vents at the Mud Volcano, look across the Hayden Valley with its large herd of wandering bison and a smoldering sulfur cauldron.

At the stop on the northern rim road known as the Brink of the Lower Falls, I took the switchback trail 600 feet down to the platform a few feet from the mighty river plunging off the cliff into the vast Yellowstone Valley. This is the larger of the two falls, at more than 300 feet of drop.
The Upper Falls have a 110-foot drop, but is still a massive waterfall with another viewing platform right at the crest. Both of these falls make a loud roar, so I have muted most of the videos to save your hearing.

On the second day, I went to one of the prime attractions of Yellowstone (at least for me), the Grand Prismatic Spring. Located near Old Faithful in the Upper Geyser Basin. The Spring is spectacularly colorful, one of the most colorful phenomena I have seen in Nature. Parenthetically, this spring is also the reason drones are banned in all national parks:  Tourist crashes drone into Yellowstone hot spring (usatoday.com)  I would love to fly over it but the overkill reaction by the Park Service is understandable…

2021 The Grand Prismatic Spring
2021 Yellowstone NP map

Greater Yellowstone Region ~ Fall 2015

(Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons & Eastern Idaho)

In September of 2015, I visited my friends Dan and Betty Orr at their new home in eastern Idaho. The way it sometimes happens, my limited time coincided with the onset of rain and snow heralding the approach of winter. We spent five days chasing patches of sunlight across wet and white landscapes.

At certain crucial moments (Fall foliage, flying the drone over the small rivers, and the majestic Upper Mesa Falls) we got lucky. The Sun came out, the colors dazzled and the resulting footage was very satisfying.

Our manic driving covered parts of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons National Park and the border area of eastern Idaho West of the two parks. The colorful material shown here is a tribute to Dan and Betty’s refusal to accept defeat and determination to help a crazy drone pilot achieve his goals.

I drove home through Utah, passing beautiful Bear Lake. Have to go back there sometime…

1 River Scene Near Drigg Idaho
2 Early September 2015 Idaho
3 Fall Colors One Idaho
4 Fall Colors Two Idaho
5 Fall Colors Three Idaho
6 Fall Colors Four Idaho
18 Idaho Early September 2015
19 Welcome To IdahoIn Early September
24 Bear Lake Utah

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