Washington Spring 2018

Washington Summer 2017

Mount St. Helens And The Lakes On The Lewis River Satellite Map Of Mt. St. Helens And Lakes Of The Lewis River

Washington Summer 2016

This video is of two day trips into Washington State on a drone trip to Montana and Northern Idaho.

Washington is a big state, so I was limited as to how many places I could fly. I picked two that are quite spectacular and scenic, trying to make the most of their differences.

Fort Spokane is at the confluence of the Columbia and Spokane Rivers, where in 1880 a small fort was built. The scenery of the two rivers and their many bays and inlets provides locations for a number of marinas and small parks.

Grand Coulee Dam is world-famous, huge and imposing. The topography around Grand Coulee includes a prominent hill with a viewing overlook directly in front of the dam's face.

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