Nan Madol and the Kaprohi Waterfall on Pohnpei (Ponape)!!!

In 1973 I enjoyed a travel agent familiarization trip to Micronesia, on a relatively new service by Continental Airlines.

While Truk Lagoon and Palau were the primary focus for developing dive tourism, all flights passed through the colorful island called Ponape (Since reverted to the native name Pohnpei).

An American couple, Bob and Patty Arthur, built an amazing hotel in the hills of Ponape. They offered diving from the hotel, as well as motorboat trips to an ancient city called Nan Madol.

Nan Madol’s heyday was between 900 and 1200 A,D,, when the island was ruled by the Sandaleurs. Individuals of high status lived, worshipped and were buried on the 90 rectlinear islets that make up this partially sunken city. For more information, click here.

On the way to Nan Madol, we would always make a stop at the Kaprohi Waterfall, a short walk into the forest. We would sit in the spray or directly under the torrent from the waterfall, and feel an amazing peacefulness.

The combination of these two magnificent and singular sites always made for a memorable day.

The problem for a place like Pohnpei is that divers tend to spend their limited time and money at the star destinations—which in Micronesia are Palau and Truk. 

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Micro Jessica At Kaprohi Waterfall Micro FlyingIn Over Pohape Micro Jessica InT he Waterfall Micro Lagoon Of Ponape Micro Kaprohi Waterfall InS un
Micro Kaprohi Waterfall on Ponape Island Micro Approaching Airport Micro Locals Near Entrance Nan Madol Micro Looking Into Temple Nan Madol
Micro Near Nan Madol   Micro View From The Village   Micro Approaching Nan Madol

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