Egyptian Antiquities


Egypt is literally strewn with pharaonic treasures, most near the long valley of the Nile River.

Outside Cairo, with its famous Khan el Khalalili market, the Giza plateau is the site of the major tombs we know as The Pyramids. All of the Pyramids are impressive, but the three dominated by the Pyramid of Chaops are the most colossal and extravagant.

Over thousands of years of history, pharaohs came and went, each accompanies on his or her voyage to eternity by the riches of a very rich kingdom.

Unfortunately, human nature is always with us. Some tombs were plundered not long after the burial. Other tomb robbers searched in vain for burial places, and some no doubt survive today. One of the most famous modern tomb discoveries was by Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter in Luxor in 1923.

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Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza Courthouse Towers in morning light
Queen Hapshetsut's Tomb
Windows formation, with North and South windows
Temples at Luxor and Karnak Karnak Temple and Lake
Valley of the Kings The Tomb's ceiling extravegantly painted.

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