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My very FIRST trip in 2010 to Sedona, Arizona
Arizona HDR Pointer

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Initial Flight Above Dry Grand Falls
Grand Falls
Spring 2018
Summer 2018
Fall 2018

Lakes of Arizona
Spring 2016

Fall 2017

Saguaro Lake
Spring 2016
Spring 2017

Camel Butte North Window
Monument Valley
Spring 2015

Paria Town In It's Valley
Winter 2016

Winter 2017

Summer 2015
Fall 2015

Window Rock/
Four Corners
Winter 2015

Drones above Sedona Summer 2015

In July of 2015, Sedona was under a bit of cloud from monsoon season—and smoke from nearby forest fires. So, while photographic conditions weren’t ideal, the Phantom and Inspire drones gathered footage from a number of Sedona’s famous attractions. I’ll go back under clear skies later in the year and hope to improve upon these images and videos.

Sedona lies in a valley surrounded by, and dotted with, immense formations of red sandstone, like a city in a park. Famous sites such as Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, The Chapel of the Holy Cross in its amazing setting, Steamboat Rock and Midgley Bridge are always but a short drive from the visitor.

My very first visit to Sedona was covered here in 2010!

Adding the views from above allowed by modern technology enriches our understanding of the place.

10 Schnebley Hill Pano 12 Steamboat Rock From Midgley Bridge
15 View From Below Midgley Bridge
16 Midgley Bridge In Oak Creek
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