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The Blood Moon of April 14-15, 2014

During the night of April 14th thru the morning of 15th 2014, a total eclipse of the Moon occurred, visible across the United States.

Carl spent the night out in his yard tending his camera with a 400-mm lens.

The red color is due to reflected light from sunrises and sunsets taking place on Earth, 238,000 mile away.

In the images shot during the red phase, that tiny white spot is Spica.

1Moonrise. 2Moonrise 3Eclipse 4Eclipse 5Eclipse 6Eclipse 7Eclipse 8Eclipse
9Eclipse 10Eclipse 11Eclipse 12Eclipse 13Eclipse 14Eclipse 15Eclipse 16Eclipse
17Eclipse 18Eclipse 19Eclipse 20Eclipse 21Eclipse 22Eclipse 23Eclipse 24Eclipse
    25Eclipse 26Eclipse    


Morning Skies in Vegas!

As everyone knows, I have become a big fan of the desert since moving to Las Vegas. For those who have asked how I could possibly live far from the ocean, I reply that I have found the desert to be merely another ocean with a different color palette.

After traveling to all the tropical seas of the world, and many of the countries around them, the southwest desert was a revelation. As you can see in my Desert Photography galleries the colors and forms are unlike anything I have seen in my world travels.

The dry and dusty sky is also conducive to spectacular sunrises and sunsets. For those of us who have wandered the world taking pictures of sunsets and clouds everywhere, it is a treat to go for a morning walk near one’s home and have a fabulous sunrise alight as you stand there watching.

Viva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Morning Skies Morning in Sin City. Las Vegas Morning Skies Las Vegas Morning Skies Las Vegas Morning Skies
Las Vegas Morning Skies Las Vegas Morning Skies Las Vegas Morning Skies Las Vegas Morning Skies
Las Vegas Morning Skies
Front approaches over the shotting range.
May 16 2011 Pano
First Rays of the Las Vegas Day


The Eclipse

The Annular Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012

When I first scheduled a ten-day Utah visit to begin on May 21, I was delighted to learn that I could leave one day earlier and photograph the annular eclipse, whose center would pass right over Cedar City, Utah.

During the mid-afternoon of May 20, I set up on a hillside above the city with a tripod-mounted DSLR and a 100-400 mm lens with a 10-f/stop neutral density filter. Then, with much excitement I began taking at least one shot per minute for the full two-hour duration of the eclipse.

At the height of the eclipse, the Moon passing in front of the Sun created a visual effect known as the ‘Ring of Fire.’

Luckily, the final bit of Moon-shadow left the Sun’s image mere seconds before a mountain on the horizon began to intrude into it.

The sequence makes an enjoyable animation, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

4eclipseIMG8896 6eclipseIMG8900 8eclipseIMG8906 11eclipseIMG8911 12eclipseIMG8914 14eclipseIMG8919 17eclipseMG8927
18eclipseIMG8930 20eclipseIMG8936 22eclipseIMG8942 23eclipseIMG8945 24eclipseIMG8948 26eclipseIMG8954 28eclipseIMG8959 29eclipseIMG8963
30eclipseIMG8966 31eclipseIMG8968 33eclipseIMG8972 34eclipseIMG8974 35eclipseIMG8976 39eclipseIMG8986 41eclipseIMG8990 42eclipseIMG8992
49eclipseIMG9006 52eclipseIMG9016 53eclipse 54eclipseIMG9022 55eclipseIMG9024 55eclipseIMG9028 58eclipseIMG9030 60eclipseIMG9033
61eclipseIMG9035 62eclipseMG9038 64eclipseIMG9044 67eclipseIMG9053 69eclipseMG9059 70eclipseIMG9062 72eclipseIMG9068 73eclipseIMG9071
75eclipseMG9077 75eclipseMG9077 79eclipseIMG9089 81eclipseIMG9094 82eclipseIMG9096 83eclipseIMG9098 84eclipseIMG9101 85eclipseMG9104

The Transit of Venus

The Transit of Venus-June 5, 2012

Capping a month of celestial spectaculars, on June 5 Venus passed between the Earth and Sun, a phenomenon known as the transit of Venus.

Astronomers use their observations both to calculate the size of the Sun more accurately, but the size of the Solar System as well.

Venus, Earth and the Sun are not exactly on the same plane of rotation, so Venus as seen from Earth is usually above or below the Sun. In rare occasions, the three line up to give astronomers a precious opportunity. The transit lasted over six hours, and after a while I felt I had recorded it sufficiently for an amateur.

The next transit of Venus does not occur until the year 2117, illustrating their rarity.


Moon Over Vegas!

The Perigee Moon of May 6, 2012 was the biggest since 1993. The Moon’s elliptical orbit brings it closer to the Earth (called Perigee) and farther away (called Apogee).
This perigee Moon was fourteen percent larger and thirty percent brighter than the average full Moon. It came up through a thick layer of smoke from a fire in Arizona, blown our way by high winds. This at first obscured the Moon entirely, then gave it a rich orange tint as it rose above the smoke.
Aside from the smoke layer, the evening was clear, and yielded some spectacular images. Just for fun, I Photoshopped an oversized orange Moon into two of the images. Confession is good for the soul…
I have also included some Moon images from prior cycles, showing surface detail.

Other photos I have capture are located in Desert Photography galleries 

We download a small library of images to display on each of these gallery pages. That takes a number of seconds, but we think you will very much enjoy the result!

Perigee 1 Big Moon Perigee 1   Perigee 3 IMG8740 Perigee 4 IMG8744
Perigee 6 IMG8755 Perigee Moon Above Vegas - Panorama
Perigee 7 IMG8773

Perigee Moon over Vegas from Carl Roessler

Older Moon Photos

September 6, 2009 Moon 11 IMG0347 August 28, 2010 Partial Moon IMG9663 April 19, 2011 Full Moon Moon 2 IMG3960 Moon Past FullN ice Texture IMG4331

Sky Diving Gallery!

On November 12-15, 2009, a large number of skydivers converged from places like Seattle and Houston at the Mesquite, Nevada Airport. There, they were engaged in setting a Nevada record for most skydivers hitting the silk at one time.
Carl traveled there to photograph the event, so Carl traveled there to see the jumps. It was quite impressive when three aircraft filled with skydivers emptied out 12,500 feet above us, and well over forty jumpers all headed for their landing simultaneously.
For any skydivers Carl met in Mesquite, please contact him at divxprt! and let him know your colors. He has shots of many of you, but can only identify you by your suit and canopy colors!

During 2009 and 2010, Carl made a number of trips to the town of Mesquite, about 90 miles North of Las Vegas. There, a local sky-diving club put on regular weekend jumps which made for exciting photography. The planes would often be releasing the jumpers at altitudes of 12,500 feet, so getting pictures of jumpers exiting the planes were particularly challenging.

This is a compilation of still photos and videos from a number of days with slightly different sky conditions. On November 13-16, they assembled three aircraft and a large number of divers tin an attempt to set a Nevada record for simultaneous jumpers.  They set the record, and had plenty of fun doing it!d for simultaneous jumper. They accomplished the record, and had plenty of fun doing it!

3572 First Jumpr Out B 4
3981 Womn Blk Ylw Ornge 3984 ornge N blu Bareleg 3989 Tandem Blk n Blu 3995 Tandem Blk N Blu
4000 Warbird Two 4008 Warbird Nail 4029 Divers Exitng Planes
4030 Divers Exitng Planes
4052 Warbird Taking Off Nail
4066 Skydvr Swings N sways Nail 4115 One After Anothr Nail 4127 Green N yellow green Nail 4142 Prfect Tandm Landng Nail 4176 Here They All Come
    4166 Mass Exit Of 3 planes    

Balloon Mass Ascent!

Balloon Festival—October 25-27, 2013

On a gloriously sunny, calm Fall weekend, a mass balloon ascent was held in Las Vegas to raise funds for first responders. Since it was only about five miles from my home, I drove down there on all three mornings to take advantage of the warm light.

Fifteen balloons and their crews came in from several surrounding states as well as Nevada. They offered paid rides for the people who wanted to go up for an hour in the sky above us. For the intrepid balloonists, the lack of wind made recovery of the balloons and passengers quite easy, while the clear weather offered some beautiful scenery of our local mountains..

A small park with rides was set up outside one of our local hospitals, with a Ferris wheel and other exciting rides. The children swarmed the rides, their entertainment made it possible because residents could access the event by highway from throughout the Vegas Valley.

We download a small library of images to display on each of these gallery pages. That takes a number of seconds, but we think you will very much enjoy the result!

Las Vegas
1 Big Yeller
2 Yeller Orange
3 Orange Black Checks Yeller
4 Their They Go
5 Colorful Ballons Being Raised
6 Three Down Two AloftI
7 Two Aloft
8 Yellow Blue Stripped
9 Multicolor Abive Spiderman
10 Boggle Of Balloons
11 Green Balloon Rising
12 Six In The Air
13 Balloons Alost
14 Five Balloons Aloft
15 High Flyers
16 Yellow ReAscends Wiith Others
17 There Goes The Parade

Lots of Videos !!!

Transit of Mercury May 9, 2016

The planet Mercury is so tiny compared with the vast bulk of the Sun that is is hard for us amateurs to capture. I decided to give it a try, and was gratified that I even managed to record the event.
Here are some links on the event as background:

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