More Fabulous Leafy Sea Dragons!!!
As the Leafy Sea Dragon Program is no longer available, this and other associated pages remain for your viewing pleasure as a reminder of diving's Golden Age.

By Carl Roessler

The amazing Leafy Sea Dagon!!!

When last I visited my friends Jim and Josie Thiselton at Kangaroo Island, I thought they had the perfect gem of a hidden dive spectacular. After all, how could you beat diving with leafy sea dragons and other marine wonders from a small-group day boat run by a wise and helpful expert? See Story #1 .

Actually, it has gotten even better! At the time of my visit, Jim had just taken delivery of a 56-foot catamaran, Wind Cheetah. The boat is a fabulous, stable, spacious platform for diving. Aboard this sleek cruiser, Jim will take divers for the leafy sea dragons and other marine wonders during the November through April season in Kangaroo Islandís waters. In fact, with the live-aboard, he can range farther, to such delights as the spawning aggregations of giant cuttlefish off Whyalla.

They are hiding out there!
Then, during the May through October season, Jim, Josie and the vessel will operate out of Ponape (Pohnpei) in Micronesia, offering tropical diving in the scattered atolls East of Truk Lagoon.
Kangaroo Island is soooo peaceful!
While you are on Kangaroo Island, Jim and Josie will arrange for you to eat and sleep at the charming Gum Valley Resort, a small working farm with guest facilities for up to ten. Some of the best dining Iíve enjoyed in all my Australian travels has been at this amazing bit of paradise.
If you blink, the Leafy Sea Dragon will be gone!
During this latest adventure, we used Wind Cheetah as a day boat, testing out itís cruising speed and dive deck, as well as itís spacious lounge. The sea dragons were always right where Jim pointed, even if we didnít see them until we got quite close. Hiding as they do amid miles of waving fronds of kelp, the little rascals disappear into the background if you take your eyes off them for the briefest time. As you can see, their expressive faces are among the most unforgettable in the entire undersea world, and a challenge to express through photographs.

For those of you who consider cage diving with the great white sharks (about fifty miles away from here), I can assure you that you will always be delighted that you took a few extra days to experience the leafy sea dragons and other fascinations of Kangaroo Island! Iím always happy to arrange this combination adventure for those who wish to experience one of the seaís grandest parleys...

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