Malpelo Island, Colombia
Cocos Island, Costa Rica

The Inzan Tiger has ceased operations in Malpelo. For the education of our visitors about the diving and marine life at this wonderful place, I decided to leave this material on our site. With luck, we'll have another boat serving Malpelo before long.

The Tiger!We enjoyed ten-day cruises to remote Malpelo Island for eight wonderful years. Like Cocos Island, this rocky outpost in the eastern Pacific is a place where pelagic marine life congregates from the surrounding open ocean. Divers who cruised there during those golden seasons got photos of hammerheads and the giant Tiger ragged-toothed sharks.

At various times, other vessels have tried to set up operations, but the government of Colombia has been extremelty restrictive about any access. They also change etheir minds frequetly after they have issued permits.

Still, this is a gem of a place for serious divers, and the fact that it has no current regular opertor is no reason not to show it to you.
Divers swim toward one of Malpelo's rocky outposts. (48K)

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